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How does the LWL Media affiliate program work?

This is a transaction (sale) based affiliate program, which means you will get a percentage of every referred sale. That is, you’ll receive a commission for every purchase that is made through your unique affiliate ID.  You will be supplied creatives (emails, graphics, etc.) and URLs that will have your affiliate ID embedded in them.

Why should I promote LWL Media-managed products?

That question really comes down to the nature of your publishing. What kind of  unique research, insights, commentary, and education are you providing to your list? If you can honestly say that you have a loyal readership that knows YOU (i.e., they rely on you to explain to them why something is worth their time), then this could be a win-win for you.

We provide an impressive line of high-quality, very unique how-to and educational products that are formulated to expand people’s perceptions, rejuvenate their health, and increase their wealth (the “physical” kind).

We know that the more a business endorses something of ours, based off the merits of the product and how it syncs up with  the theme and niche of their site/newsletter/blog, etc., the more valuable the relationship is on a long-term basis.

Do I need a website to take advantage of the LWL Media  affiliate program?

It depends on your business and/or marketing model. If you have successful experience operating in the PPC or media-buying arena, you might not use a website publishing model. However, most of our affiliates have some kind of relationship with active customers, clients, or newsletter subscribers. In order for that model to work, they do NEED a website.

Is there a fee to join the program?

No, it’s 100% free to join!

Do I need any affiliate experience?

You just need experience properly endorsing products and services to people who know you, or know of you, via your efforts as a writer, blogger, social media marketer and/or newsletter publisher.

How will I be able to track my sales?

As an LWL Media affiliate, you will get your own ID number. That ID number will be embedded in the URLs that you send to potential customers. Every time someone buys from your URL, that sale will be “flagged” in our database and added to your Affiliate Control Panel (ACP), where you can see the results.

Do you track by IP or Cookies?

Both.  When you use our affiliate system, every person you refer is not only tracked by cookie, but also by IP address. What that means is that they are both cookied and assigned permanently to you as the referrer by their IP address, so that even if they clear their cache of cookies (which probably happens a lot, right?) and even if their IP address changes (which doesn’t happen as often), there are multiple tracking mechanisms in place to associate your referrals to you now and in the future.

How are the Cookies set?

Good question, as most affiliates don’t know to ask that. In fact, most affiliate publishers don’t offer up the answer or even give it correctly if they do.  Our system actually accepts the newest cookie and not the old one.  In other words, if another affiliate comes along, it will overwrite the previous cookie, which will give the newest affiliate the sale. We employ the more sensible “last referrer to make the sale wins” format, under the logic that whoever does the work to convince the customer to actually buy should get credit.

The main benefit of IP tracking is that if a referral of yours clears their cookies, you will still get credit for the sale so long as their IP hasn’t changed since they clicked your affiliate link.

Is this ubiquitous, across-all-products, tracking?

Yes, absolutely. Anybody that you refer to any LWL-managed product is credited to you, regardless of which product they first became a customer of. You’ll be credited for sales made from any of our other products as well. In other words, affiliate tracking is done by publisher rather than by product. This way, whenever we promote back-end products or follow-up offers, you will still get credit.

When will payment be made on my affiliate sales?

Your initial payment will be made after you have reached $50 in affiliate sales.

Affiliate payments are sent via Paypal (please ensure your paypal email is up to date in your affiliate account).

Payments are sent every 2 weeks for qualifying affiliates. You must have a minimum payment amount of $50. Provided your stats meet this threshold, a payout will be triggered. If you dont meet this threshold, a payment will be sent on the next payment date if you have then reached the thresholds.

Do I have to enter my Social Security or Tax ID #?

Yes, this is required by law as well as needed for accounting purposes. If you’re a US resident, you will also need to fill out a W-9 form and fax it or mail it back to us before your payment can be processed.

You will be provided a link, within your ACP, to submit that info.

What is the commission structure?

The percentages we pay out on referred product sales depend on a few factors: #1) the products that your referred customers purchase; #2) your affiliate status (we may reward certain affiliates higher commissions for their level of activity or marketing involvement, or strategic joint-venture integration); #3) special marketing campaigns or product launches that we’re employing.

The current payout percentages, per product, can be found inside our ACP (Affiliate Control Panel) — a private login area you’ll have access to once you’re approved as an affiliate.

Can I change any of the promotional copy or “creatives” to fit my needs?

You have the flexibility to “tweak” pre-written emails to fit your own style. However, we ask that you check in with us if you feel you need to dramatically change any of our provided copy, to make sure that it’s still accurate and doesn’t give away secret details that can’t be published. Of course, if you’re writing your own personal review on any of our products, that’s perfectly fine, with the exception of The Wealth Vault, which needs our approval first due to certain rules and regulations.

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