We are a business management & holding company for various online research and information publishing brands — companies that create and publish unique and compelling content that helps people achieve better results while increasing their personal, health, financial, and business skills.

Our current operating companies each have their own raison d’être, or reason for being. While both deliver information and products about discovering new things and achieving results with that knowledge and practice, their approaches are often diametrically opposed.

Products published under the LWL Worldwide brand encompass various aspects of personal and business development, often focusing on the inner-world side of the human coin.

M4 Research is more about the outer world — especially as it relates to wealth and finances — with a narrower aim to help people make, manage and multiply money.

The products and websites from both divisions are displayed on the RIGHT side bar of this page. The affiliate program and joint-venture promotions for all of them are managed under one umbrella, by LWL Media, Inc.

From time to time, we even broker promotions and joint-venture campaigns for other publishers — selected online marketing friends, email list managers, and kindred website owners who have complimentary / synergistic product and service offerings.

If you have an opt-in subscriber list and like to earn generous commissions on top-selling life, business, health, and wealth enrichment products and services, this is the place to be.

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We look forward to getting to know you, learning more about your business, and continuing to orchestrate outstanding marketing campaigns that will allow you to add value to your community while putting money in your pocket.

Your Partner in The Quest For
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Barry Goss
Co-Founder & CEO: LWL Media, Inc